Here is a rough ‘base’ set-up for the Schumacher Supastox that will make your car handle just as well as the top drivers at WORM.

Springs: Green
Tyres: 47 shore (kit)
Steering hub positions: Rear
Ride height: 4mm
Droop: Add Maplin washers instead of blue o-rings, or reduce to 2mm all round on GT
Castor: 4mm (1x nut, 1x bar) under MI5 pivot balls
Toe: Neutral, or slight toe out for more turn in

Springs: Yellow
Spring Position: Outside
Tyres: 35 shore (kit)
Ride height: 4mm
Droop: Add Maplin washers instead of blue o-rings, or reduce to 2mm all round on GT
Damping: 2x Red O-ring on side links

Pinion: 28-30t
End Bell Timing: 20-30 degrees
Motor Spacer: Add Motor spacer plus 30g to opposite side of pod to balance weight

Clean the rings and polish on a flat board with wet 800 grit wet & dry paper. Clean again and smear a thin film of good quality silicone grease on the the diff rings facing the spur gear. Rebuild and tighten fully…then back off one full turn and a 1/16th. Your diff is set. It will take a few runs to bed in then may need adjusting to suit.

Most popular: Ferrari 458 (Type F), Ascari (Type A) or the Protoform McLaren MP4
Colour: Paint them BRIGHT! It makes your car much easier to see on track.

Replace Blue O-rings with Maplins anti-vibration washers (For non-GT car).
Shoe Goo the side walls of your rear tyres to prevent chunking.

Rollout Chart
Corner Weights Calculator

Richard Changs Set-up Guide

On-Point Racing – 1/12th Pro Tips – Part 1 (YouTube)
On-Point Racing – 1/12th Pro Tips – Part 2 (YouTube)
On-Point Racing – 1/12th Pro Tips – Part 3 (YouTube)

Blank Set-up Sheets
Supastox Blank Set-up Sheet
Supastox GT Blank Set-up Sheet


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