9th of December 2014

Dan Osborne took the win of the B-final after only finishing the first round of qualifying and bumped into the A. John Howe had a great start and led the first half of the race before Dan managed to catch back up and have a great battle with John. Rych Brind was improving all night and took third followed by Johnny F in 4th closely followed by Andy Nelson.

B-final Results

Dan Harding took the TQ and win testing his new McLaren body shell which looked to be handling great. Martin took 2nd place who also took honours of fastest lap. Simon had another solid finish finishing in 3rd, Rick Evans was 4th after a great qualifier and Dan Osborne retired after dumping from his tough-handling car realising the rear pod wasn’t attached all night!

A-Final Results

Posted on 16/12/2014 in Results

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