13th of January 2015

Rick Evans was looking rapid all night but was closely challenged by Rych Brind. An early mistake from Rick gave Rych a generous lead with his new McLaren MP4 body, Rych made the most of this and kept the lead for half the race but a mistake handed it back to Rick Evans who would then bump into the A-final. Tom Barratt looked to be improving all night with his new Spektrum set-up and even set a fastest lap just 0.10s down from the experienced racer of Rych Brind. Newbie Chris Hewitt rounded out the B-final but was improving all night, with a little bit of guidance I’m sure we’ll see Chris improve massively.

B-Final Results

A very close qualifying session between Dan Harding and Kev Taylor led to Kev Taylor taking pole position. Kev got an early get away while the 2x Dan’s were bouncing off one another. Around 5-minutes in Kev was experiencing some fade which meant Dan Osborne could catch back up and take the win on the final few laps after a bit of a controversial finish between the two. Kev nursed his wounded car home in 2nd while Rick ‘Monies-worth’ Evans bumped up from the B-final and made the most of it by finishing in the top 3 of the A-final, a great debut at WORM for his new Thunder Power motor. Dan Harding finished in 4th after a tough run but had a ballistic fastest lap! Simon Osborne rounded out the top 5.

A-Final Results

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