We are WORM – Weston On Road Models
Radio controlled car racing in Weston-Super-Mare.

We specialise in racing the cheap, competitive GT12 class.
GT12 is an Onroad class which is a scale 1/12th scale version of the full-size FIA GT Champhionship.

Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm untill 11.00pm (Please check ‘Race Dates’)
Hutton Village Hall, Church Lane, BS24 9SN

All abilities welcome!

Beginner Advice

Chassis (£30 – £99.99)
The most popular chassis by a country mile is the Schumacher Supastox, with the older version being available second hand for around the £30-50 mark OR you can purchase the newer Schumacher Supastox GT for just £99.99. If you are buying an older car, make sure it comes complete with a differential as this is vital for handling. They are available seperately, but come in at a pricey £30. The newer Schumacher Supastox GT comes complete with a differential as standard so you can’t go too wrong for £99.99!

There are other brands of car out there such as ‘Mardave’ and the newly released ‘Zen-Racing’ but the post popular car is the Schumacher Supastox.



If you’re a beginner, Schumacher also offer a very respectable ‘Power-pack’ which is an easy way into the sport and a competitive pack. This pack consists of a CORE-RC 45a Speed Controller, Speed Passion 13.5t Motor and CORE-RC 3200mah battery pack – available for just £99.99. This covers you for the essential part of your electrics but you’ll still need a few extras (see later in the article)

Motor (£20 – £45)
A 13.5t brushless motor is the spec limit of the GT12 class. There are plenty out there to choose from with the Turnigy Trackstar motors just being £20 on www.hobbyking.com or you can splash for some of the classes finest like the Thunderpower 13.5t. Drivers with the Turnigy Trackstar have consistently won meetings at WORM so it certainly isn’t the slower motor!

ESC/Speed Controller (£30 – £80)
There are a few features on speed controllers that are a must and beneficial to have. We recommend you to have a ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) with reverse and is 1S compatiible. What 1S compatibility means is that the ESC can operate on a single cell lipo battery (1S) apposed to the much more popular configuration two cell (2S). If you were to purchase a ESC that is ONLY (2S) compatible then it wll not function with the lower voltage of a 1S pack.

The CORE-RC 45a is a great option which is also available seperately from the Schumacher power-pack, there is also the uprated CORE-RC 60a PACE, the Turnigy One Cell (Both Gen 1 & 2) are very good and affordable. Or if you want some of the top radio gear you can go for some of the electrics from Hobbyking/SKY-RC.

Battery (£10- £35)
You can purchase a 1S lipo battery for just £10 and spend as much as £70+. The mAh (milliampere hour) of the battery determines it’s duration, the CORE-RC 1S lipo is 3200mah where as the Turnigy batteries from Hobbyking are 5000 – 6400mah. Both are as good as one another when racing round a small venue like WORM. If you’re looking out for a battery pack, the main criteria is that it is a 1S.

Bodyshell (£10-15)
We like to keep it very open with what body shells you can run at WORM. Although if you want to buy the best handling bodyshell then the Type F (Ferrari 458) and the Type A (Ascari) are definitely the most popular bodyshells.




GT12 is a ‘SPEC’ style class, which means there are certain limits in place to keep the racing as close as possible.

Motor and Batteries
We recommend all GT12 cars to be powered by a 13.5t motor with a 1S battery. We do allow the 21.5t with a 2S battery but the first set-up is preferred

No ESC timing is allowed in the GT12 class, your ESC/Speed Controller must be set to ‘Blinky’ mode. The only timing allowed is on the end bell of the motor.

We have introduced the BRCA minimum weight of 950g to keep the racing close.

Strictly NO additive.



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